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What is Amoxil (Amoxicillin)?

Amoxicillin is a medication commonly prescribed to treat bacterial infections. If you’re taking this medication, you’ll need to know how to take your medication, how long until you start feeling better, and what are the common side effects.

Amoxicillin works by stopping the growth of bacteria, ultimately killing them. Antibiotics work alongside your immune system to help clear your infection.

Amoxicillin is sometimes used in combination with clarithromycin (Biaxin) to treat stomach ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori infection. This combination is sometimes administered with a stomach acid reducer called lansoprazole (Prevacid).

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What is the correct dose of amoxicillin?

Amoxicillin comes in a wide variety of strengths and preparations. A typical adult dose is somewhere between 250 and 500 milligrams, which is normally taken three times a day. Smaller doses are, of course, available for children.

How long will I need to take my medication?

This will vary depending on the infection your doctor wishes to treat. However, typical course lengths are between five and seven days.

How long does it take for amoxicillin to work?

Amoxicillin gets to work treating your infection soon after you start taking your medication. However, it may take two to three days before you notice an improvement in your symptoms. It’s important that if you are feeling better, you complete the full course of antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor.

Should you not experience any improvement in your symptoms within three days, it’s a good idea to re-consult with your doctor. If at any time your symptoms worsen, please seek urgent medical reassessment.

How to use Amoxicillin?

Before taking each dose, carefully shake the bottle. Use a particular measuring device/spoon to measure the dose. Do not use a household spoon since you may receive an incorrect dosage. Take this medicine on a regular basis as directed by your doctor, usually every 8 or 12 hours. The amount is determined by your health and reaction to therapy. You may simply mix the measured dosage with other drinks before consumption, such as formula, milk, juice, water, or ginger ale. To obtain the complete dose, drink all of the mixture.

Mixing ahead of time is not recommended. Unless advised otherwise, drink plenty of liquids while taking this medication. Taking this antibiotic at evenly spaced intervals provides the greatest benefit. Take this antibiotic at the same time(s) every day to assist you remember. Continue to take it until the whole amount has been consumed, even if symptoms go away after a few days.

Antibiotic medications can cause diarrhea. This can happen while you are taking Amoxil or several months after stopping the drug completely. If your stools are watery and bloody, call your doctor immediately! Do not use medication for diarrhea unless advised by your doctor, as these medications can make the condition worse for some patients who already have an infection.

Is amoxicillin safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Amoxicillin is generally considered safe to use during pregnancy. In breastfeeding, a very small amount of amoxicillin is present in your breast milk, but is considered to be safe and unlikely to cause any issues for your baby.

Is it safe to take amoxicillin with my current medications?

Amoxicillin can interact with several medications and your prescribing doctor will need to be aware if you’re taking any of the following:
Allopurinol. In combination, this may increase your risk of developing skin rashes.
Methotrexate, amoxicillin may interact with your methotrexate. In some circumstances, your doctor on the advice of a rheumatologist may ask you to stop your methotrexate during your current infection.
Warfarin. Amoxicillin can affect the anticoagulant effect of warfarin, meaning you may need closer monitoring and dose adjustments whilst taking this antibiotic.
This list is not exhaustive, so for more information, see the drug information leaflet that comes with your medications.

Contraindications to use

Do not use Amoxil if you are allergic to ampicillin (Omnipen, Principen), dicloxacillin (Dycill & Dynapend), or oxacillin (Bactocilla).

Before using this medication, you should check if you have asthma or allergies to cephalosporins such as Omnisef, liver disease including renal failure, circulatory disorders such as hemophilia, mononucleosis (“mononucleosis”) which can cause nausea and vomiting in some cases, sometimes with fatal results, or known allergies that develop afterwards when you take antihistamines for seasonal allergies.

Amoxicillin and contraception

Amoxicillin can decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills. Therefore, if you are taking antibiotics, it is recommended that you use non-hormonal methods, such as condoms or diaphragms, to protect against pregnancy while taking this drug and until symptoms disappear completely.

Amoxil is a penicillin group antibiotic used to treat infections such as pneumonia, gonorrhea, caused by E. coli, Salmonella, etc.

Are there any foods I should avoid?

There’s no restriction on foods that you can eat whilst taking amoxicillin. However, some individuals may feel nauseous whilst taking this medication. If this is the case, it’s best to avoid spicy foods. Taking your medication after meals can also help with these side effects.

Can I drink alcohol with this medication?

It’s safe to take alcohol with amoxicillin. However, alcohol in excessive amounts is not good for your health, so please drink responsibly.

I’ve missed my dose, what should I do?

If you forget to take your amoxicillin, don’t worry, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it’s almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose. Remember to take your next dose at the regular time. Do not double dose to make up for a missed one.

I’ve accidentally taken too much medication.

Taking one extra dose of amoxicillin is unlikely to cause you any serious harm. However, in larger amounts, you may experience symptoms of stomach pain, vomiting, or persisting diarrhea, loss of consciousness or seizures, have trouble going for a wee or notice blood in your urine. If you’ve overdosed on amoxicillin, it’s best to consult with a doctor. If you have any serious symptoms, please contact your local emergency services.

Amoxicillin side effects

Many people taking amoxicillin will not experience any side effects. However, as with all medications, side effects can occur. Most commonly, patients will complain of nausea, vomiting, or even diarrhea.

If you are taking amoxicillin for a prolonged or repeated course, some individuals may experience yeast infections. Most commonly, these will affect the mouth, presenting as white patches or in the vagina of women, who may experience a change in their normal vagina discharge. If you’re experiencing signs of yeast infections, re-consult with your doctor as you may require an antifungal treatment.

Less commonly, people can experience more concerning side effects. If you experience any of these, please consult with your doctor urgently. A change in the color of your skin, yellowing of your eyes, lightning of your poo or darkening of your wee may be a sign that this medication is having a detrimental effect on your liver.

You may also experience persisting nausea and vomiting, diarrhea with the presence of blood or mucus, abdominal pain, that’s in your tummy, and development of bruising. Allergic reactions are concerning as they may be life-threatening.

Fortunately, life-threatening allergic reactions are rare and many with allergies to amoxicillin only experience mild symptoms, such as a skin rash. Occasionally this skin rash may be an early sign of a more severe allergic reaction. If you notice this, take some antihistamines and seek urgent medical advice.

Those with serious allergic reactions should call emergency services for assistance. Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction include swelling of the face, lips, mouth and throat, difficulty breathing, wheeze of chest tightness, or an allergic skin rash.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. For a full list of side effects, refer to the drug information leaflet that comes with your medications.


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What is Amoxil used for?

Amoxil is a type of antibiotic that is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. It is most commonly used to treat infections of the respiratory tract, urinary tract, and skin. It may also be used to treat other types of infections as determined by a healthcare provider.

How does Amoxil work?

Amoxil works by inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria. It does this by inhibiting the synthesis of certain enzymes that are necessary for the bacteria to survive. This results in the death of the bacteria, which can help to clear up the infection.

Are there any potential side effects of taking Amoxil?

Like all medications, Amoxil can cause side effects in some people. Common side effects may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and allergic reactions. If you experience any serious side effects or allergic reactions, you should stop taking Amoxil and contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Is it safe to take Amoxil during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Amoxil should be used with caution during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should discuss the potential risks and benefits with your healthcare provider before taking Amoxil.

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