The British Obesity Surgery Patients Association (BOSPA): A Beacon of Support for Obesity Surgery Patients in the UK

Launched in December 2003, the British Obesity Surgery Patients Association (BOSPA) stands as a pivotal national patient charity aimed at offering unwavering support and crucial information to those UK residents for whom obesity surgery can become a life-altering solution. Rooted in patient-centric values, BOSPA operates by the patients, for the patients, ensuring a unique perspective and tailored approach to each individual seeking aid.

Mission and Vision

BOSPA’s overarching mission is to offer support and disseminate reliable information to patients considering obesity surgery, helping them to make informed and independent decisions regarding the suitable type and necessity of the surgical procedure. The organization’s unwavering commitment lies in empowering patients with comprehensive insights about the intricacies of obesity surgery and facilitating their active participation in the decision-making process.

Impartial and Reliable Information

A distinguishing characteristic of BOSPA is its steadfast dedication to providing information based solely on published medical studies, abstaining from individual opinions and experiences. This guarantees that the information received by the patients is not only independent, impartial, and honest but also is intrinsically relevant to the UK demographic, ensuring a high degree of reliability and applicability.

Patient Empowerment and Decision Making

The empowerment of patients is at the core of BOSPA’s ideology. By equipping patients with the necessary knowledge about what entails obesity surgery, BOSPA aids them in active participation and decision-making regarding the feasibility and type of obesity surgery that best aligns with their individual needs and circumstances.

Tailored Support

Beyond information dissemination, BOSPA’s role extends to helping patients find skilled surgeons, be it through the NHS or private entities, located in proximity to their residence or specializing in a specific procedure. This service plays an indispensable role in ensuring that patients receive care that is both convenient and specialized.

Objective-Based Approach

BOSPA’s modus operandi revolves around the aspiration to fulfill its mission by rendering support and information that can bring significant benefits to patients considering obesity surgery. Their systematic and objective-based approach ensures that patients not only gain the requisite knowledge but also receive the support needed to navigate through the journey of obesity surgery.

Education and Advocacy

BOSPA undertakes extensive efforts to educate patients on the array of surgical options, procedural details, potential outcomes, and associated risks, ensuring an all-encompassing understanding of obesity surgery. In doing so, BOSPA stands as an advocate for patients, promoting their best interests and ensuring that their voices are heard and valued in the overall decision-making process.

Community Building

BOSPA’s endeavors to build a community where experiences and knowledge can be shared serve as a cornerstone of its mission. By fostering an environment of mutual support and collective wisdom, BOSPA enables patients to benefit from shared experiences and insights, further enriching their understanding and preparation for obesity surgery.

Economic and Geographic Accessibility

In addition to specialized and tailored support, BOSPA prioritizes economic and geographic accessibility. By helping patients connect with surgeons close to their locations or within their financial means, BOSPA alleviates logistical and financial burdens, ensuring a smoother, more manageable journey towards health and well-being.


The British Obesity Surgery Patients Association (BOSPA) has emerged as a beacon of hope, support, and reliable information for patients in the UK contemplating obesity surgery. By focusing on patient empowerment, impartial information based on medical studies, and tailored support, BOSPA is enabling individuals to make informed, independent decisions regarding their treatment. The association’s commitment to building a supportive community and ensuring economic and geographic accessibility to skilled surgeons stands testament to its holistic approach to patient care and support.

In essence, BOSPA is not just an organization; it is a movement, a community, and a support system, tirelessly working towards the well-being of patients in need of obesity surgery in the UK, and it continues to shine as a symbol of hope and support for those embarking on their journeys to healthier lives.

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